Satisfaction Garage:

Ben Bullington: guitar and vocals
Fats Kaplin: pedal steel, mandolin, viola
George Bradfute: guitars, bass, clarinet
Will Kimbrough: guitars
Dave Jacques: bass
Kenny Malone: percussion
Mike Dysinger: percussion
Joanne Gardner: vocals
Rodney Crowell: vocals and guitar

All songs written by Ben Bullington

Thanks to Joanne Gardner for all she continues to do in support of this work. Big fat thanks to Rodney Crowell for his sage advice. To each of the great musicians who played on this record, I'm humbled every time I hear them. To George Bradfute who is recording engineer, ace session player and producer all in one. He's a quiet genius. To George Klemens for his support from early on, and that great oak tree. To Bill Campbell for another beautiful set of photographs. Finally, thanks to all the independent dj's who have played me and to all those who have come to the shows and bought the CDs. Your affirmation has touched me and keeps me at it.

Recorded at The Tone Chaparral in Madison, Tennessee. Mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master, Nashville. Produced by Ben Bullington, Joanne Gardner, George Bradfute and Rodney Crowell (on Satifaction Garage and Last Night's Been Gotten Through).
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