Lazy Moon:

Ben Bullington: guitar and vocals
Andy Bullington: electric and nylon string guitars
Tom Murphy: mandolin
John Lowell: flat top and resophonic guitars
Bill Payne: piano
Russell Smith: bass
Kris Clone: bass
Buff Brown: harmonica
Bruce Stanger: banjo
Molly Glazer: cello
Tracy Nelson: vocals
Joanne Gardner: vocals
Shack Up Studio: CD art direction and graphic design
All songs written by Ben Bullington

Special thanks to Bill Payne, a genius player, generous man and valued friend. Also to my best friend and brother Andy for his encouragement and years and years of keen insight on art and music. Thanks to each of the Montana musicians for their wonderful playing, and to Fred Baker at Electric Peak Recording who made us all feel so at home. Thanks to my friend Bruce Stanger for his sweet touch on the old Whyte Laydie banjo. Another special thanks to my true blue friends Bill Campbell and Maryanne Vollers. And finally, a world of thanks to my friend Joanne Gardner whose contributions have been too great and various to fit on a cd cover. Ben

Recorded/mixed by Fred Baker at Electric Peak Recording in Gardiner, Montana. Mastered by Jim De Main at Yes Master, Nashville. Produced by Ben Bullington, ASCAP.
Lazy MoonLazy Moon, Reverb Nation